What is Spindle Professional?

With Spindle Professional’s dynamic and flexible software you can instantly and easily merge information from business applications to produce documents that can be sent by email, fax, print and also archived.

Key benefits include:

  • - Dramatically reduces costs.
  • - Intelligent delivery.
  • - Flexible.
  • - Saves money and wastage.
  • - PDF Emails and archives.

Sage Solutions Integration

Spindle Professional 2009 improves the effectiveness of the Sage 200 Suite by joining the accounting and CRM elements together - automatically linking all outgoing documents to a customer or company.

Cost Savings.

Using Spindle Professional can result in significant cost savings - on stationery, postage and staff administration. By automating routine communications, it also reduces human errors and frees up time for more important tasks.

Documents can be sent to multiple printers simultaneously, with each copy having its own logos and branding. e.g a delivery note can be sent to the warehouse printer for the driver whilst at the same time another copy is printed in the accounts department for book keeping purposes.
Emailing is the cheapest and fastest way to deliver documents. Each email can be personalised and the attached PDF contains your full company branding and your terms and conditions. Spindle Professional generates PDF files that have been checked and accepted by HM Revenue and Customs.
Faxing is still one of the most popular methods of sending information. With Spindle Professional documents can be sent from your applications to faxing software, without stopping and asking any questions. It supports fax optimised stationery and a wide range of fax solutions, including Microsoft Fax.
Documents can be stored in multiple locations, retrievable by any number of users. Spindle Professional can even create a note in your CRM system, and link it back to the archived document. These documents can even be viewed within the CRM system.